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I was fortunate to have the pleasure of working with Penny on a few projects. On both a personal and professional level, Penny is a delight: skilled, inspired, thoughtful, prompt and completely lovely to work with. I couldn't be happier with the way she brought my art work to a whole new level with her expert design artistry.

– Elisa Kleven, Children's Book Author

Penny does all my design work from DVD box art to movie posters, postcards and flyers. She is a dream to work with; a sensitive talent eager to collaborate and get things right.

– Rob Nilsson, Film Director

I love it so much and I'm so grateful that she did such an amazing job. The goddess of websites sent Penny Werner to me!

– Harriet Lerner, Author / Public Speaker


UC Berkeley

SF City College

The Sierra Club
District Attorney Barbara Romo

Berkeley Community Chorus & Orchestra

Jewish Senior Living Group

Northern Calif. Independent Booksellers 

Center for Justice and Accountability

Alameda County Health Services

The Impact Fund

The Center for Justice and Accountability

Plaza Cuba

Bricolage Film Collective

Evershift Production

Mark & Graham

LIGO Surgical Masters Courses

Sandra Maitri

Harriet Lerner

Rob Nilsson

Citizen Cinema

Elisa Kleven

Ellie Wood

Resource Medicine



Penny Werner is a Bay Area artist and graphic designer who creates powerful visual aids to bring your inspiration to life. Her technical expertise, aesthetic sense, and subtle intuition work together to create a visual message that is both strong and cohesive. She has been working as a freelance graphic designer for over twenty years, with half of those as senior designer at JPD Communications. She also worked as in-house designer for Amsterdam Art, and  spent a number of years teaching art to children and English to adults. Penny lives with her family in Berkeley, CA, and works part-time as an actor in independent films.



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